Night to Shine Volunteer Registration

Once again, due to Covid-19 and it’s restrictions, we will only have paparazzi volunteer positions available this year.

All 2022 volunteers must have previously served at Mt. Horeb UMC at NTS in years past. We will not be able to have any large volunteer training sessions for NTS 2022.

This year NTS 2022 paparazzi will line up all around Mt. Horeb UMC for our “Shine Thru” drive thru from 4:30-5:30pm on 2/11/2022 prior to watching the virtual NTS 2022 in the safety of their on homes. We will cheer them on like they are on the red carpet as they are driven thru. We will have a few “Special Guests” and a gift bag for each attendee. Volunteers are asked to wear their NTS t-shirts from last year.